Staff Application Guidelines

Can't think of what to write? Worried that you might slip up? Or perhaps you're just unsure about what we're looking for in our staff? Don't worry, we'll help you out a bit.  

Hello Saybrook's Planet! We're glad that some of you are enthusiastic about helping other players and have decided to step up and apply to be part of our staff! However, the truth is that not everyone is fit for this position; it does carry a lot of responsibility as well. These guidelines will inform you of what we're looking for in potential staff members and ultimately, allow you to decide whether this role is really for you. Remember, even if you're not up to being a member of the staff, you can still help the server in many ways!


First impressions matter a lot, and Moderator applications are no different. We all live in different time zones and most of our Administrators will not see you in game. That is why applications are so vitally important. To keep things as simple and streamlined as possible, we have made a form for you to fill in. That form contains all the questions whose answers will provide all information that is essential to us, and we want you to take the effort to answer those questions. But that is only a part of it, your application should also contain a bit of yourself, show us that you are different from the rest and that you are a valuable addition to our team.


Although it isn't the only factor taken into account when we're making decisions about whether a particular candidate should be accepted into the team, applications themselves are the most important. If you don't put effort into your staff application, it reflects very badly on you - how then can we trust that you will be able to cope with the more sophisticated things that the staff have to carry out daily?

An important thing to take note of here is: follow the provided format exactly. Many a time, people who did not simply copy & paste the given format ended up making several grammatical errors and missed out some of the questions when attempting to retype everything again. The template is below in bold, copy it exactly and make modifications to the formatting of the BBcode if you wish; getting rid of the content within the parentheses is a good start. It is also highly recommended to make the formatting look nice for ease of reading. Answer in the space provided below the questions.


Things that we would like to see in your application

• Examples. Simply telling us that you like to help people doesn't say a lot. Provide examples of how you intend to help.

• Elaboration. The more you tell us, the better our judgment will be of you as to whether you are suitable for the role.

• Relevance. Being "pro" at killing monsters or being a good builder aren't the things we're looking for in a Moderator. How well can you manage other players? How competent are you under pressure? And most of all, how good are you at resolving problems?

• Specificity. Don't be too generic in your answers, make your points clear so that the reviewing staff can understand them easily.

Most importantly, be mature in your application! This also applies to your ingame behavior. It is paramount that our staff maintain a good image of the server - after all, they are the front line of Saybrook's Planet's support!


Things we would NOT like to see in your application

• One-liners. Answering too briefly, especially with the more open-ended questions, will result in instant denial. Show some effort!

• Excessive Jokes. Take the application very seriously. Humor is good, but unnecessary jokes will lower your chances at getting accepted.

• Untruths and exaggeration. Provide truthful and realistic answers. Do not promise 10 hours/day commitments if you cannot fulfill them.

• Bad grammar. Yes, it helps a lot if you spend time to vet your work after writing it. We won't penalize you for this, but it would be much better for both you and us if it is easy to read.

If you avoid doing any of these things, your application will be of better quality. This doesn't mean to say that just because you do not include such things in your application, it will get accepted. The list is non-exhaustive, and we leave it up to the candidate to choose what he/she should or should not put into the application. Leaving it open-ended also allows us to observe how you would use opportunities and what your judgment is like.


Your personality/behavior ingame.

This is tremendously important for you as an applicant. In order for the Administrators to come to a final decision, the Moderators who have observed you in-game must give their comments. Although playtime is not the only thing that we consider in a candidate, it usually correlates with how well the Moderators know you, and therefore how much they can say about you when you apply. Thus, it would be good if you have spent at least a decent amount of time on the server before applying. This doesn't mean to say that people who recently joined can't apply. Should you be confident of your skills, by all means go ahead. If you exemplify the qualities of a good staff member in-game through helping other players, your chances will increase exponentially. This doesn't mean that you should only help people when other staff members are watching you - to truly be a useful member of the staff, you must be ready to drop everything whenever someone needs assistance.


It also means that you should avoid making immature comments or direct insults towards other players. We have no place for caustic or malicious players in the staff team.

If your application gets rejected for any reason, do not reapply immediately! Feel free to reapply a few weeks after, though, unless you are told otherwise.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the application process is long. When you post your application on the forums, you might have to wait several weeks before you receive a final verdict from an Administrator, although the Moderators will fill up your thread with their comments/commendations in the meantime. We will pay special attention to your activity and contributions during those weeks and prior weeks. Perhaps you might also find out that you don't have the time you thought you had during those weeks. Things can change at any time, so be sure that you do not give us any reason to doubt your professionalism or ability to maintain a conducive play environment on the server for the sake of others.

Still think you're up for it? If you are, go ahead and hit that "Post New Thread" button!

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