Creator Application Format

If you want to make a Creator application, you need to register on these forums and create a new thread here in the "Staff Applications" section. Make sure your ingame name is in the title!  After that, copy the form provided in this link into your thread (highlighted in pink) and answer the questions. Requires at least Starter X of any class and two weeks of activity.  

Ingame Name (stick to one):

What rank and class are you?

How long have you been playing on Saybrook's Planet?

Why do you think you should get the Creator rank? What will you be doing with the tools given to you?

Do you have any current/past experience as a Builder or equivalent anywhere? If so, please elaborate.

Have you ever been banned from Saybrook's Planet? If so, when and for what reason?

Do you have any possible future projects for us to look forward to? Please elaborate.

Any additional information you would like us to know:

Last but not least, please attach images of your builds (min. 5).

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